The Makeup And Your Personality


The way you wear your makeup and the colors you use reveals who you are, the personality and your emotions. Makeup sends a message to the world. People will form opinions about you based on your lipstick color. It shows how you feel.
Today it’s about looking naturally beautiful, therefore choosing the right foundation is the key. Foundation can really improve the look and feel of your skin. Tinted moisture or mineral foundation are very light and can be worn everyday, it protects your skin from exposure to UV light. It’s a very good way to start a daily cleansing routine, since you have to remove it every day.
After, just pay extra attention to your best feature and accentuate it with your favorite colors that complement you. Think about color as energy, applying where you want it to pop but if you’re not sure just keep it simple, stick with neutral colors and just enhance your best features.
Finnish your look with mascara, blush and your favorite lipgloss.

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