A Big Thank You

Dearest Maira,

Thank you so much for the beautiful make up you created on me.

I was initially worried about going to NYC from Singapore for a bridal photo shoot as it may be difficult to find a make-up artist that is good with Asian faces. But my worries were unfounded! You were amazing and I love the make-up and hair that you did!

I must say, you are the first make- up artist that kept asking how I feel with my make-up on, if I felt comfortable with it, if that was me – it is so personal that you ensure that I felt like myself with the make up on. Kudos to you!

The make up feels light yet looked so amazing. I love the hairstyle you did for the photo shoot. I wish you are working in Singapore so I can always go to you for my make up and hair whenever I have parties to attend!

You are a cool lady, a real professional with great interpersonal skills. I felt so at ease with you immediately… together with your seamless make up & hair skills… the perfect make up artist I must say!

Thanks so much for making the photo shoot a success for Jason & me. Even more so for going that extra mile to take care of all of us that came from miles away. It really meant a lot to have someone who only knew us for 2 days be so helpful in a foreign city. It certainly made our photo shoot most memorable!

I hope there will be plenty of opportunities for me to recommend you to anyone in NY! Stay in touch! =)

P.S I can’t wait to see the photos from the shoot! The sneaks you have in you blog is getting me all excited again! And when you come to Singapore for holidays, remember to let me know! =)

Wei Pei TAN

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